Intrepid Genealogy Services is a professional genealogical research firm.  Our clients range from people who have received DNA results and are interested in further information; to people searching for their birth families; to people who are curious about further family history research.  We also specialize in lineage society applications.

Genealogical Societies and other groups and organizations turn to Intrepid Genealogy to provide top-notch presentations and conferences for their members – both virtually as well as in person, when possible.

Businesses, firms, and corporations also use our services for their research needs.  Heir searches, probate searches and other services are available on a contract basis.</p><p>At Intrepid Genealogy, we pride ourselves on the ethical, reliable services that we provide. We adhere to the genealogical standards defined by The Association of Professional Genealogists.

Your DNA Q & A Plus!

Our Enhanced DNA Consultation service is informative and flexible! Consult with a genetic genealogist to go beyond your DNA test results. These packages make the perfect gifts of heritage for your friends and family – and yourself!

Research Your Heritage

Intrepid Genealogical Research takes pride in perfoming thourough and professional research. We’ll customize a plan to address your specific interests and needs.

Free Consultation

If you’ve never hired a genealogical research firm and have questions on what we can do specifically for you, we’d love to discuss it. Intrepid Genealogy offers a free consultation to introduce you to our services, and to help us understand your needs.